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CAD Ventilation Designs

About Us:

We are a small team of ventilation design specialists, providing CAD designs for the new build domestic housing market.

With a combined industry experience of over 23 years, we offer the following:

  • Mechanical Ventilation including de-centralised extraction (DMEV), centralised extraction (CMEV) and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) CAD designs from small apartments to luxury homes, self-builds to large housing development schemes.

  • Advice,guidance and expertise for all aspects of ventilation design and compliance.

  • Designs for Acoustic compliance, NoX filtration, TM59 Overheating (Purge), ADF Purge (4Ach) & fully compliant PassivHaus ventilation designs.

  • "White label" design services for small operators to large manufacturers.

  • Bill of Materials services.

  • Fully indemnified designs to 5m.

Work with the designers direct:

assured of optimal designs, using the best practice & knowledgeable, with the technical discipline needed to drive your project forward.

Whatever system you are looking for, C&G Design Consultancy can help.

Whether for
  • MEV
  • MVHR
  • Comfort cooling
  • PassivHaus designs
  • other energy-efficiency standards

We have the expertise to assist you.

(Plus, we're lovely people to work with).

The Partners are:

Evey Partner at C&G

Nicola Partner at C&G

Jim Partner at C&G

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PassivHouse Trust Member

International PassivHouse Association Member

AECB Member

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